Friday, January 26, 2018

Skincare Tips | Keep Your Skin From Drying In Winter
Winter Skincare Tips

Late winter can really do a number on your skin. The drying out, flaking... it's not exactly a cold weather perk. Luckily, things like exfoliators & facial water are your new BFFs when it comes to winter skincare. 

Let's talk some tips I've learned from trial & error:

Skip The Toner
Or at least lessen the amount you use it. For my combination skin, I've found that toner can actually dry me out more. so instead, I opt for refreshing rosewater that's a little gentler. 

Oil (& Mask) Up
Facial oils are essential in winter as they lock in moisture & are super hydrating for your skin. Same goes for masks: the smoother the ingredients, like rose, (rose is just key, it seems)  the more hydrating & soft. I do a mask at least once a week- a tip I swear by! 

A no brainer, obviously. But your lips need a lot of exfoliating love too! If I don't do a little coconut oil + exfoliant concoction, my lips are SCREAMING for moisture, & no amount of lip balm can save them. Do yourself a favor.

Winter Skincare


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