Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What Happens When You Let Go
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Letting go of any negative things/ thought patterns is something I've been needing to work on, & I think I really did last year. It's human nature to worry, to compare yourself, to hold on to grudges or burn bridges. But getting caught up in those things is one of the worst things we can do, and it creates a toxic environment within yourself. 

So, what happens when you start to let go?

You Stop Worrying So Much
Hi, I'm Kaeleen, & I'm literally always worrying about something. What can I say, I HAVE ANXIETY. I still worry. But something beautiful happens when you let go of negative self-talk & all the what ifs and I have to do this & my life isn't where so & so's is: you worry just a little bit less. You realize that the life you have planned won't be the one you live, and you start to walk a little bit taller & your head gets just a tad lighter. 

You Stop Comparing Yourself 
Ah, the little rascal we call comparison. It truly is the thief of joy, a vampire that will suck the life out of you for as long as it feels like it. In today's society it's virtually impossible to NEVER find yourself comparing things to someone else. Maybe your friend just got a killer promotion, that girl you follow on insta's hair is way better than (you think) yours could ever be, etc. But when those feelings of comparison arise, you'll learn to not let it get to you as much. 

You'll keep living your life, knowing you're not on a timeline and you won't get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself. You'll keep going. 

You Carry Yourself Differently
With a light. You'll see the world through more curious eyes, and you'll find yourself practicing more mindfulness, gratefulness, and compassion. 

Letting go is one of the least easy things you can do for yourself, but it's one of the most rewarding. 


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