Monday, January 22, 2018

Self Care Is More

It's currently 9:30 am. I'm at starbucks (typical) nursing a decaf (not as typical-- who am I??) mocha & trying to get my stuff together, as they say. Because coffee may not solve all your problems, but it sure does help.

I haven't been the kindest to myself these past few days, & no amount of bubble baths & coffee & yoga can change that. Sure, it can help with the anxiety & overwhelming feeling that you're going to die any second, but if you're not kind to yourself through the hard times, none of the self care & pretty bath bombs matter.

Self care isn't just a list of things to do when you're feeling sad or a well-typed out pinterest quote. Sometimes it's changing your lifestyle & how you react to the lemons life gives you. There's a post out there on tumblr somewhere that's like 'Do you think God ever gets sad when you don't love yourself? Like, I worked so hard on you..' WOW, real.

So, self care.

Sometimes self care is turning off your phone, tuning out social media, and going off the grid for a couple days. Sometimes self care is stalking the social media of strong women you admire, getting inspired more by the minute.

Sometimes it's making yourself get out of bed & face the day.

It's telling yourself positive things even if you barely believe them.

It's asking a friend how they are & truly listening, it's remembering to see the beauty, it's living.

Outwardly you can be the strongest person in the world, seemingly living your best life, but if you don't feel it inside, & aren't kind to yourself, it won't matter in the end. Eventually the hatred will run you down.

Treat yourself like your closest friend. We would NEVER tell our friends half the stuff we tell ourselves. Be that best friend to yourself.

Of course, don't discount fizzy baths & face masks & rose, THEY WORK WONDERS. But remember to tell yourself having bad days is okay, it doesn't make you a bad person. & don't tell yourself anything you wouldn't tell your bestie.


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