Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Faded Jeans & Mules

You walk into your closet, guns blazing, ready to put together an insta-worthy outfit. But suddenly everything looks the same, you just wore that last week, you're not feeling that trend anymore, and then it hits you.

You're uninspired, in a rut. Sound familiar?

Style ruts happen to the best of us sometimes. I've been bitten by the uninspired bug lately, and the bite stings. Luckily, if you've got some armor, you'll be able to fight back with a vengeance. Here are my tips to get out of your rut & breathe new life into your wardrobe:

Getting Out Of A Style Rut | With Dignity & Coffee

Find A Style Icon
A style icon is someone you look to as a source of inspiration. Normally they will be someone of similar body type and someone who's style you really like and can envision on yourself. However, if someone's style really speaks to you & they have a totally different body type, that's okay too.

For me, my biggest icons are Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad, Julia from Gal Meets Glam, & Alexa Chung. If you've already got yourself some icons, you're a step ahead! Always be searching pinterest, instagram, blogs & magazines for their latest looks, and think of how you can make them your own.

Put Together A Mood Board
As an extremely visual person, mood boards are a bit of an obsession for me. Anytime you're in need of some inspiration, scour pinterest (pinterest is our bff in this post) of your style icons & any looks or pieces that speak to you. Search pins of key trends and pieces that you feel are you. For me that's denim, stripes, dresses,.... etc.

I save all the photos for a particular board into a folder on my computer, then put it all together easily through the collage maker in google photos. AAAND DONE! Now you can save your mood board as your desktop background, print & out & hang it on your wall, in your closet, anywhere you'll see it in times of trouble.
{my mood board for 2018}

Find Newness In What You Have
I'll be the first to say: sometimes ya gotta go back to the basics. Pick a couple of key pieces to make a capsule of sorts: maybe it's a pair of jeans or a dress or a blouse you feel you've worn a thousand times. Separate it, look at your mood board, & dream up new ways to put together a look with it. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to get the creative juices goin'.

Now that you have some tips, go & put them into action the next time you're in a rut & you'll be out in no time! And if you're still shaking your head, thinking there's no hope, don't forget about virtual styling.... (how's that for a segue?)


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