Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Inside My 2018 Bullet Journal

As you might remember from this post, last year I started bullet journaling. I've always been the type of person that needs to plan & write things out, otherwise things get so disorganized in my brain & I'm running around like a madwoman trying to remember what day it is & I've probably forgotten to eat breakfast. (okay, I'm not THAT bad. but close)

Bullet journaling has really helped me stay on track of things, and the thing I love most about it is it's totally customizable, tailored to your needs. It's YOURS. I like a minimalistic theme with a bit of washi tape & colored pen splash every now & then. 

Starting out with an index in the beginning of the journal is very helpful; instead of flipping through until you find what you need, it's all layed out for you. 

Inside My 2018 Bullet Journal

This year I decided to have a page for my yearly goals, as writing them down is an important part of the new year for me. Something I'm always wanting to do is read more, so for this year I added a book list, where I can track books that are on my to-read list & when I read them, as well as books not on the list. 

& finally, as a main point of the journal, monthly & weekly spreads add personalization to plans, appointments, etc. 

Inside My 2018 Bullet Journal
Inside My 2018 Bullet Journal

I haven't got much in my weekly spreads yet, as it is only week one of fifty-two, but my instagram is sure to be full of them soon. I'm excited about this years' journal, now that I've done it long enough to get most of the kinks out & find out what suits me. 

The possibilities are infinite. 


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