Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Boxy Collared Top & Jeans Outfit

I had a fancy outfit post all planned out for this little boxy number, because as soon as I ordered it I imagined beautiful things. But when it came time to actually shoot photos, nothing was working. No matter the angle, if I tied it at the waist, etc etc, I just felt like it looked awful. 

This was the only good shot in a sea of many, & it's still not up to my standards. 

It got me thinking about how much pressure we put on ourselves, & how much we doubt ourselves. 

'you got all that from a bad photoshoot?' you say... hear me out. 

The other day I was having a conversation with my sister about a big life thing (v vague, much intrigue) & I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. What if I fail? What if things don't turn out okay? She then promptly (lovingly) put me in my place as only sisters can do, & it helped. It brought me back to earth & I realized how often we do this to ourselves.

How many things would you have done or said or places you'd explored or people you'd met if only you hadn't have doubted yourself? 

& for the love of all that is good in the world, how many things could you have enjoyed if you had just said screw it & not put a brick of pressure on your back? 

'You are your own worst enemy,' the saying goes, & oh is it true. Why? I wonder. Why do we do it? We see ourselves as our biggest critic, sure, but shouldn't we also see ourselves as our biggest cheerleader? Our biggest support, the one that says yes when everyone around us is saying no. 

What I've learned, is that nobody cares the way you think they're going to, except for yourself. You're gonna fail at things, but you move on from it, & so is life. What's the point of comparing ourselves & our stories to everyone we see? Comparison is the thief of joy, & no matter how pretty pinterest can make it look, it's not pretty. It breeds the worst in us, & that's not something worth bringing out. 

Breed the best in you. 


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