Friday, November 10, 2017

The End Of Print Publications And The Future Of Blogging & Journalism

When Hannah wrote an article on the end of glamour's uk print publication, (luckily it's still running in the us... for now) that was the first I'd heard of the news, but it wasn't nearly as surprising as it would have been even five years ago. And then, a few days ago, news broke from conde nast that they would be discontinuing the teen vogue print, reducing it to a strictly online publication. I'm pretty certain it won't be the last announcement we'll hear in the coming years or even months, either.

The way we consume media has changed drastically with the rise of social media and the internet as a whole. Flashback to 2007, the iphone had only just arrived, facebook was just extending past users with a college email account, and print publication was arguably at its peak. My middle school best friend & I pored over her older sister's copies of cosmogirl, teen people, and yes, teen vogue. That's how we kept up with the hottest celebrities & world news. (obviously my thirteen year old brain cared 100% more about the celebs) 

Forward to present day, just one decade later, and that world seems like an entire lifetime ago.

We now keep up with current events through the likes of our news app and twitter, digesting hundreds of little snippets throughout the day. Micro media, it could be called. As a whole, we no longer turn to magazines as our source for the latest news & inspiration, no matter how much ya love a good flip-through. That's all it is, it seems. Then we go on with our day, back to digesting more snippets.

Obviously brands have to keep up with trends and what their consumers want. If not, the brand will die, plain and simple. So I have to give glamour & TV a pat on the back, as it seems they are catering to their market.

So, what does this all mean for blogging and journalism as a whole? Will we transition to total microblogging & media? Sometimes it seems that way, and as we make our way into 2018, (say WHAT??) the shift can either keep going in the direction it’s been going, or scale back a bit. In a way, it’s up to us. Don’t get me wrong, I love all that media has turned into. The community of blogging & social media can be an amazing thing (the good side of it, at least) and I like seeing snippets of people’s lives.

But it’s also nice to have print publications, a piece of art in your fingertips. The work that goes into a newspaper article or magazine is insane. What will happen if that goes away completely? I’m not all that sure that it will; people have said for years that libraries will die & here they still are; albeit a little slow. 

But the world is changing and technology has to keep up.

Personally, I think microblogging will become even more popular, as it’s a form of those snapshots of information & updates. We will continue to get our news via social media and instead of print being our go-to, it will become our last resort, so to speak. But it will still be there, because journalism is evergreen, no matter the form it's written. 

As for the fashion magazines, I'd like to say they'll stay, but as instagram style stars become the new Glamour, it's hard to tell. Either way, we are in an era of uncharted territory, and if we don't hop on board, we'll simply be left behind, reminiscing about times no longer relevant.


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