Monday, November 6, 2017

How To Find Style Inspiration

Finding style inspiration is a key part of finding your own personal style and finding out what you like & dislike. But how do you find that inspiration? 

Once you’ve found your vibe, it gets pretty simple. In order to find that vibe though, you should look at those who inspire you, both in real life and in media. Whose style do you look at and say ‘that’s my style’? Start there & then:

Take Action
The last post was all about how to make an easy inspiration board, and if wanted it can be used as a style board, where your favorite looks are cut out and put together in one place for you to see, a real life pinterest board. That way, when you're running low on inspiration, you can look back on it & have a fresh perspective.

Back To The Basics
I talk a lot about taking inventory of your closet, and it's because it WORKS. When trying to find some inspiration, the first obvious place to look is gonna be your closet. What pieces give you the warm and fuzzies when you look at & wear them? Separate them from the pack & see if there's a pattern. That, my dears, is the birth of your style. Get inspired simply by wearing one of your favorite outfits. EASY PEASY.

Take It To The Streets
Besides social media, the biggest way I find inspiration is simply by looking around me. Street style is EVERYWHERE, & people are killing it. I'll find outfits in the grocery store, the coffee shop, church... pretty much anywhere you can think of. I'll make a mental note of how I can turn that look into my own and it oftentimes strikes a match of creativity!


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