Friday, October 13, 2017

Anti Trends | The Ones I Just Don't Understand

I cover a lot about the trends I LOVE, like velvet, off the shoulder, mules, DENIM, etc etc, but what about the things I'm not feeling so much? Because trust me, there's a few at the moment. So, I wanted to see which ones we agree upon & which ones might make me crazy:

Cold Shoulders In Winter
Don't get me wrong, a good cold shoulder can be pretty chic. But, WHAT IS THE POINT of them after maybe October? I've seen long sleeved cold shoulders, sweatshirts, even DENIM JACKETS. The point of jackets are to keep you warm!! Please, let's leave the open shoulders to the summertime.

Even I'm a little surprised at myself for this one since it's very 90s based, but I just can't get behind it! Sure, a cute little design on a sweatshirt is nice every once in awhile, but things seem to have gotten a bit out of control these days. Why is it necessary to throw three different flowers or other random designs on a single jacket? OR WORSE, pants? Why not just make it all over patterned? If you can pull it off, more power to you!

Cape Sleeves
Bell sleeves I can handle. I love a bell sleeve. But I don't really see the appeal of having a quasi-cape on your shoulders all through the day. How is that wearable? Doesn't it get annoying having your sleeve flapping around every ten seconds? Doesn't do it for me.

Platform Crocs
It was the shock heard round the world when Balenciaga debuted platform crocs down the runway. I'm sorry, but putting a couture name on it does not make it couture. Just like fetch never happened, neither will this. Please stop trying. For the love of everything.

What's on your anti-trend list?


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