Dressing For Fall When It's Approximately 9876 Degrees

Friday, October 6, 2017

Dressing For Fall When It's Still Warm

Dressing for autumn is quite possibly the most fun part of the season... sweaters, capes, scarves-- unless you live in the South, that is. It doesn't get cool enough to wear the best autumnal things until maybe November, & by then you're often too exhausted from the heat to even care.

What to do? 

I like to find little ways to incorporate autumnal & current trends while still dressing for the temperatures. For example, velvet is still very in this season, but right now wear anything remotely autumnal themed that includes velvet & you will melt faster than the wicked witch. 

BUT, with a top like this bad boy, you can look at least semi-fall, all while keeping cool.

Light cardigans are another essential, perfect for layering. Get a bit too warm? You can tie the cardigan around your waist for ultimate 90s appeal, & throw it back on whenever you need. Convenient, right?

Head to the bottom to see more of my 'southern fall' essentials!

Dressing For Fall When It's Still Warm
Dressing For Fall When It's Still Warm


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