Monday, October 30, 2017

Hey, hi! can you believe it's time to write another B&B? October kind of flew by and now it's officially the holiday season! I know I always rush it a bit but can ya blame me? Kae THRIVES on Christmas. 

Anyway, back to this month. It was spent with family, friends, and a bit of a refresh. It had been awhile since I had a good old fashioned mental health day from the blog, and I think it did a lot of good! I'm back full force now, ready and inspired for new content. 

I've been pretty much living in my mules this month-- they're so easy to wear & I love that I can just slide them on with jeans for an instant look. 

October was a good month for music-- obviously I am counting down the days until taylor swift releases album #6. (we're at t-minus 11 days. it's fine, everyone is fine) I've also been listening to kelsea ballerini's new single on REPEAT, which you can find over in my get happy playlist.

Tell me your three things from the month!



Friday, October 27, 2017

Songs To Dance It Out To
I don't know about you, but I think meredith & chiristina were onto something-- dancing it out is a thing, and an instant mood booster. It's been proven that music in itself can improve your mood and overall vibe, and sometimes you just gotta dance it out, YES?

So obviously after this revelation I just HAD to share my entire playlist with you-- thank me later.. (& if you're not a taylor fan, don't be intimidated, you know me HA)

Red Taylor Swift Album | Songs To Dance It Out To

What do you do when you need a mood booster?



Wednesday, October 25, 2017

All The Sweaters You Need Right Now

I've recently been on a sweater binge. Ever since I added this mossimo one in grey to my collection, I've been fawning over every one I see. That's not exactly a new thing, but I thought I'd let you in on what I've been loving/ needing lately, because any excuse for shopping, right? 



Monday, October 23, 2017

The Leather Jacket Edit
The Leather Jacket Edit
The Leather Jacket Edit
The Leather Jacket Edit
The Leather Jacket Edit

Leather jackets are one of those pieces that amp up pretty much any look and can be anything from biker tough to street chic, depending on your preference. It’s no wonder they’re considered a wardrobe essential, especially for autumn/ winter.

There are many things I love about a good (faux) leather jacket: 

the way it drapes perfectly off your shoulders, the softness, the way it adds the subtlest touch to an outfit. It says ‘don’t mess with me’ with a pinch of feminine thrown in, and there’s something about that that I love.

My go-to jacket for the past couple seasons has been one from forever 21. Many of their piece tend to not be the best quality, but jackets are one thing they seem to get right. It’s a tad oversized on me, but I like the cuffs rolled up, so it works. 

My must haves for a leather number are that it fits the way you want it that works with other pieces, and can be both transitional and the main point of a look. I also love a good COLORED jacket.. currently on the market for a pretty blush one!



Friday, October 20, 2017

Why Taking Mental Health Days Is Important | With Dignity & Coffee

We can try and pretend like we’re at our best twenty four hours a day, every day of the week, but that’s in all honesty, crap. We all need a day sometimes to just... be.

While it's not always doable to take a day off of work or class, (or life, for that matter) when you have a day off, or even just a few hours to get zen, you should. Be a bit selfish. Because really, taking yourself is the opposite of selfish. When you're at your best, it's not only good for you, but everyone in your life. 

& when in doubt, let the words of tom haverford whisper to you: TREAT YOURSELF.

1// They Help You Refocus
It's easy to forget the 'why' in your day-to-day tasks, especially the less than thrilling ones. Taking a day to zen out will help refocus your energy and remind you of the why. 

2// They Help You Catch Up On Sleep
Let's be real, sometimes all you need is some zzz's, yes? We tend to put sleep on the back burner in our fast-paced lives when it should actually be one of the priorities. When we don't get enough sleep, we put our physical mental health at risk. It's important to stay focused & sharp, and sleep helps with that.  

3// They Leave You Feeling Refreshed
Going back to the re-focus point, when you take a day to just be, you come away from it feeling refreshed and with a new perspective on things, whether it's a specific task or life in general. When you feel refreshed, it's a thousand times easier to get to work. 

You got this. 


Dear Mayim Bialik.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dear Mayim Bialik | In Response To Harvey Weinstein

Hey Mayim,

I think you're a pretty cool person. I admire your feminism, your love of education, and your views on religion & science.

However, on the subject of sexual assault, I feel you've missed the mark. I think I get the point you were trying to make, and while I agree with some of your statements, like the fact that "we live in a society that has treated women as disposable playmates for far longer than Mr. Weinstein has been meeting ingĂ©nues in luxury hotel rooms," the overall theme that appearance has something to do with assault leaves a sour taste in an otherwise well- written piece. 

Maybe that wasn't the theme you were intending, but it's what jumped out.

In my twenty three years, I have known too many women who have been victim to sexual assault. They come from various backgrounds, are of various ages & races, and in no case should their conventional beauty ‘number’ be a factor. See, when you ostracize ‘pretty girls’, it leaves a damaging notion that only those girls can be assaulted, and that girls must ‘tone it down’ in order to not be plucked out.

While it is true that thin, white, conventionally ‘pretty’ girls get picked first for the good acting roles- & that’s incredibly problematic- it’s also problematic to suggest that because you weren’t seen as a ‘10’, you lucked out in not becoming a victim.

It could’ve been you. 

It could be anyone reading your piece, watching your show. I’ve been catcalled while wearing what most would consider ‘modest.’ It doesn’t matter what you wear, if you go to the gym everyday or get manicures or rock Adele-worthy eyeliner.

Anyone can fall prey to gross, power hungry men (& women) and what we should be focusing on is how to stop it, and somehow I don't think that solution includes changing who you are.



Friday, October 13, 2017

Anti Trends | The Ones I Just Don't Understand

I cover a lot about the trends I LOVE, like velvet, off the shoulder, mules, DENIM, etc etc, but what about the things I'm not feeling so much? Because trust me, there's a few at the moment. So, I wanted to see which ones we agree upon & which ones might make me crazy:

Cold Shoulders In Winter
Don't get me wrong, a good cold shoulder can be pretty chic. But, WHAT IS THE POINT of them after maybe October? I've seen long sleeved cold shoulders, sweatshirts, even DENIM JACKETS. The point of jackets are to keep you warm!! Please, let's leave the open shoulders to the summertime.

Even I'm a little surprised at myself for this one since it's very 90s based, but I just can't get behind it! Sure, a cute little design on a sweatshirt is nice every once in awhile, but things seem to have gotten a bit out of control these days. Why is it necessary to throw three different flowers or other random designs on a single jacket? OR WORSE, pants? Why not just make it all over patterned? If you can pull it off, more power to you!

Cape Sleeves
Bell sleeves I can handle. I love a bell sleeve. But I don't really see the appeal of having a quasi-cape on your shoulders all through the day. How is that wearable? Doesn't it get annoying having your sleeve flapping around every ten seconds? Doesn't do it for me.

Platform Crocs
It was the shock heard round the world when Balenciaga debuted platform crocs down the runway. I'm sorry, but putting a couture name on it does not make it couture. Just like fetch never happened, neither will this. Please stop trying. For the love of everything.

What's on your anti-trend list?



Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What Mental Illness Is Not

I've thought of a lot of different ways to write this post. Should I write it all, how do I format it, etc etc... the questions were running through my head in a way that I realized, later than I should have, was anxiety. Anxiety affects my life in tiny little ways all the time.

The subject of mental illness used to be so taboo that it was completely swept under the rug, & in extreme cases people with the illness were just locked in a mental hospital, deemed to difficult too deal with. Even though there is still a stigma attached today, we are becoming increasingly more open on the topic, which is incredible to me. The more we talk about it, the more normalized it will become. The more likely people will be to get help when necessary & they are less likely to feel alone.

However, I've noticed that with this newfound sense of openness has come casualness. Phrases like 'I'm so depressed’ & ‘my ocd is kicking in’ have become commonplace and while it's great that the stigma is going away, we shouldn’t just toss those words around like an empty starbucks cup.

There must be a happy medium somewhere, right?

So in honor of world mental health day, here is what mental illness is not:

1// It's not a personality indicator. Maybe this one is more for me, because I find myself wearing the identifier ANXIETY on my chest like Hester Prynn donned the A that stood for something else. Don't get me wrong, it's good to be able to joke about your mental state & not let it get the best of you. (or at least pretend it doesn't.) But it's not our entire identity, even though most times it feels like it takes up our whole life. You are so much more than any illness.

2// It's not an excuse to be a sh*t person, or to treat people like they're disposable. We still know right from wrong. Never let the phrase 'it's not me, it's my illness,' slip from your vocabulary. Own your mistakes and learn from them.

3// It's not fun. It's not a cute, quirky thing worthy of desire. It's ugly and leaves a taste with which I equate to how week old trash smells.

It's tear-stained pillows and mascara-streaked cheeks, messages left on read because you feel too ill to respond, laying on the bathroom floor, isolation, fear, anger.

I say all this to say, it's okay to not be okay. Know yourself enough to know if you need help, & please, for the love of everything, stop saying OCD if you do not have OCD. (I'm looking at you, khloe k)



Monday, October 9, 2017

The Four Fall Shoes You Need

I've been searching for a good mule for AGES, but it's been challenging since I have such tiny feet that it doesn't even equate to any women's size. BUT like always, target has my back and I've finally found some! (they're stevie's brand & I've searched high and low online to no avail-- here is the most similar. However, they should be in your local store!)

I'm now obsessed more than ever with the style-- it's so casual & chic, and can worn with pretty much anything. (I love them with wide leg/ culottes or a good jean) Such a versatile little fall shoe!

Perhaps the most popular fall shoe in recent years, the bootie/ ankle boot is having a moment. It's no wonder; they make a statement in the most subtle of ways. & who doesn't love a good bootie + dress combo? 

Sure, this is technically a sandal, but can still be worn in early fall! (I'd probably wear them in the middle of a snowstorm, but I don't recommend it) Gladiator heels give off all the vibes of an effortlessly put together look, which is why they look great paired with cuffed jeans or a denim skirt.

Maybe this one should go without saying, but a good flat is a must-have staple to any wardrobe. The thing about flats is there are too many patterns, colors, and styles to even count, which can be good or bad, depending on your outlook! 

For me, it's definitely on the good side & I'm currently very into lace up & criss cross flats-- they add a little flair to the usual.

What shoes are on your edit? 


Dressing For Fall When It's Approximately 9876 Degrees

Friday, October 6, 2017

Dressing For Fall When It's Still Warm

Dressing for autumn is quite possibly the most fun part of the season... sweaters, capes, scarves-- unless you live in the South, that is. It doesn't get cool enough to wear the best autumnal things until maybe November, & by then you're often too exhausted from the heat to even care.

What to do? 

I like to find little ways to incorporate autumnal & current trends while still dressing for the temperatures. For example, velvet is still very in this season, but right now wear anything remotely autumnal themed that includes velvet & you will melt faster than the wicked witch. 

BUT, with a top like this bad boy, you can look at least semi-fall, all while keeping cool.

Light cardigans are another essential, perfect for layering. Get a bit too warm? You can tie the cardigan around your waist for ultimate 90s appeal, & throw it back on whenever you need. Convenient, right?

Head to the bottom to see more of my 'southern fall' essentials!

Dressing For Fall When It's Still Warm
Dressing For Fall When It's Still Warm


On Suffering | And How To Help Vegas

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

On Suffering | & How To Help Vegas

Everytime a tragedy happens I tell myself I will stay off of social media & just let things sink in. But like a train wreck, I keep coming back, hungry for updates, information, anything, which sometimes sends me into a despair knowing that there is so much evil in the world, so much suffering.

It's incredibly sad how we've become so accustomed to disaster because it's such a frequent part of the world. In my short twenty three years there are at least five major tragedies/ terrorist attacks I've lived through, & that's just off the top of my head. Kinda hard to remain an optimist in these times, yeah?

My faith is an incredibly important part of my life, (the most, if we’re getting specific) & in trying to live out the Word, I at times feel guilty for my humanity. I think it’s just part of my DNA, I feel guilty for the silliest of things. Suffering is supposed to be for a reason, to make us better. But that doesn’t mean that everything happens for a reason, I don’t believe that. 

Sometimes things just happen. People do evil things, and it hurts and you don’t understand and you’re so, so confused.

& that’s okay. It’s okay to be outraged and heartbroken. You’re not a bad person for that, you’re human. We all react to tragedy differently, we all grieve differently. Me, I’m a ‘what can I do’ person, but I also feel this heavy cloud on my heart. For me, doing keeps the cloud away, but not everyone is like that in the face of disaster. 

It’s okay if you’re one of those people

I feel like I’ve said ‘it’s okay' maybe every other sentence & I'm not even sure if this post makes sense or if I'm just rambling by this point, but the point I’m trying to make is that yeah, suffering is a part of the human condition. Terrible things are going to happen, but you don’t always have to be brave & positive about it. You can shout your pain through the rooftops. You can be angry & grieve & be motivated to do more.

& then, you can begin to move on and live, because life is long but so so short.

If you’re feeling a tad helpless, I promise this yoga practice will help send some positive light! & if you want to donate, here is a good gofundme.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. -Psalm 147:3


Budget Halloween + Autumn Decor Finds

Monday, October 2, 2017

Halloween And Autumn Decor Finds

Things are getting real autumnal + spooky in blog land, no? No matter where you turn, there's a perfectly curated instagram giving you plenty of fall feels.

And today, I'm bringing you some of my favorite decor from around the web, all budget friendly! My particular faves include anything with pumpkins, as visualized here!

Happy shopping!

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