Friday, September 1, 2017

It's September & your fave shows are coming BACK! I'm ready. Are you ready? To gear up (because we're all adults here & if spending an entire day in bed with a show is what we wanna do, who's gonna stop us?) I've listed my top five shows you should binge RIGHT NOW.

I coincidentally made a post like this nearly one year ago to the DAY & I'm proud to say I haven't double listed any shows. (obviously these first ones are good as well, & you may as well add them to your queue)

Top Five Shows To Binge RIGHT NOW!

1// The Bold Type
I've been talking about this show in maybe every post lately? It's just SO GOOD. & it desperately needs a season two! If you were a fan of the bond the PLL girls had, but hated the plot holes & pretty much everything else about the show, (maybe I'm just talking about me here) you'll love TBT. All the girl power & female friendship without the problematic things! Who knew a show like that could exist? You can watch it on the freeform app now!

2// This Is Us
Last year this is us was the show EVERYONE was talking about, and for good reason. If you're still on the fringe about it, I promise it's worth it. It's worth the tears & the feels. The entire cast (including the adorable kids who play Past Big Three) is incredible. Nobody outshines the other, they all just shine in their own way that makes the story beautiful. That's what an ensemble show should be.

Season two premieres the 26th, & in the meantime you can binge season one right here!

3// The Keepers (docu series)
I'm fascinated by true crime documentaries and The Keepers, about the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, is so interesting and kind of disturbing when you find out just how much the Catholic church covered up. Definitely worth the binge! You can watch on netflix.

4// Sex & The City
Maybe this shouldn't be on the list, since I'm only about three episodes in, but it's a quintessential show. I started it after my friend became appalled that I hadn't seen it & I'm so into fashion. (Carrie did have the looks!) Don't we all strive to be a modern day Carrie Bradshaw? You can watch free if you have amazon prime!

5// Jessica Jones
The past year or so I've gotten a bit more into Marvel, & while I haven't seen every show/ movie, Jessica Jones is a must-see. She's so badass & sarcastic & it's just a great show. WHERE IS SEASON TWO?? We need it. You can watch on netflix now!

What shows are you binging?


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