Friday, September 29, 2017

Talenti Gelato And Cozy BlanketFlannel & Leather Leggings

Oh hey hi, happy Friday! Somehow, September has come & gone, and it's been pretty eventful.. where to start? In case ya missed it, I MOVED! I've already done a couple of posts on organization & things, & once everything is put together, maybe I'll do a little apartment tour!

September is one of my favorite months, only because fall TV is back. I don't watch a whole lot of non- Netflix, but I'm super attached to the ones I do watch, like this is us. Y'all know how addicted I am, & can WE TALK about the last scene of the premiere on Tuesday? HOO. I need to know every single detail of what happened, asap.

I've also been doing a bit of will & grace bingeing, since the revival is almost here. I've only ever watched the show casually, tuning into re-runs when they were on. So far I'm loving it just like I used to!

Blush Bedding And Fairy Lights

Let's talk about a style favorite... living in the south makes fall hard because instead of dressing for the fall you WANT, sometimes you gotta dress for the fall that is, which most times includes short sleeves & jean shorts. BUT it's cooled down some days & I've been able to wear the flannel that I love! It's an autumn staple, no question.

Okay, tell me all about your month! What have you been reading, watching, etc?


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