Monday, August 21, 2017

It was a Friday night, and I was drowning my Friday night sorrows in a tub of icing. (Don't wrinkle your face in disgust, it's a delicious, incredibly unhealthy thing of magic) I was still in a post pretty little liars haze (although thanks to netflix it will never truly be over) & in desperate need of strong female friendships in media, and so it was then that I decided to delve into The Bold Type, a show everyone's been talking about.

It's loosely based on the life of Cosmopolitan's editor in chief, and follows three best friends who work for a women's magazine. It's only seven episodes into the season, but in those seven episodes I have laughed out loud, cried into the tub of icing, and become inspired and empowered to be more bold in the way I carry myself and my life.

Maybe that sounds dramatic, like this show is the be all end all of feminism. It isn't obviously, as media is created by humans, therefore it's going to be flawed. But we should definitely celebrate when it's diverse and beautiful, because it's a form of art. Art imitates life. 

This is an age of fighting for diversity, women's rights, and normalizing the fact that we can be interested in fashion and relationships and beauty while also being interested in politics and art and world issues- and doing it in heels. We need media that celebrates and supports that, because this is our life.

I for one want to leave a mark in this life, as I have a feeling you do as well. You can't do that if you play it safe, something I have to remind my anxiety-ridden brain of constantly. We as humans are deeply afraid of failure, of not being good enough and that's a trope we have to get rid of. 

Romanticize failure. It's going to happen, but what matters is what we do with it, how we grow. That, to me, is how we're bold.


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