Wednesday, August 2, 2017

TIME TO WORD VOMIT. The rise of blogging as a business in the past couple of years has been insane, mostly for the good. I see bloggers being featured in magazines, in commercials, & taking a stand for what they believe in... and that's amazing. We're not just bloggers anymore, we're influencers. 

Kinda cool, right? 

But like the Spiderman quotes goes, with great power comes great responsibility

It's our responsibility as bloggers, (& if you're not a blogger, as a human) to be a good person, and to use social media wisely. You know in mean girls when cady is comparing high school to the depths of the jungle, wild animals ready to pounce at any moment?

That's what the internet feels like sometimes.

Complaint after complaint, tear down after tear down. 

You know I don't stay silent when I see injustices happening (hence this post) but I'm talking about things like political injustices, police brutality, people treating others inhumanely... not defaming somebody when they do something trivial you didn't like. That's not what we should be focusing on.

I talk a lot about energy, & using your platform to tear down is negative on so many levels and a total energy sucker. Who even has the time to spend focusing on negativity? Maybe me talking about being a negative nancy is making me a negative nancy, who knows.

But I think you should want to strive to be a light, don't you? 

I'm blindly optimistic, sue me.


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