Monday, August 14, 2017

A Seven Day Style Challenge From With Dignity & Coffee

HEY BABES! Something I've been pondering on recently is getting out of your style comfort zone and taking chances. I don't even know what my 'comfort zone' is, I just know that I continue to grow bolder with my style choices, and after poking through a challenge Lauren Messiah recently did, I wondered what kind of challenge I could come up with.

Something to maybe inspire a little bit of creativity right from your closet and leave you feeling like the megababe you are. 

So, I give to you... the seven day WDAC instagram style challenge! Each day, starting Friday, August 18th, I'll be posting a look featuring that day's challenge, & I'm inviting you to do the same! All you have to do is go over the challenge, go through your closet, and ROCK IT. Use the hashtag #WDACStyleChallenge & I'll be featuring some of you on IG stories. 

The goal of this challenge is to get inspired with your wardrobe & have fun with it, because that's what style should be

Seven Day Style Challenge

So print this handy graphic out, tear through your closet and GET READY. This is gonna be fun!


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