Friday, August 11, 2017

How To Slow Down And Be Present

The other night during my mediation, the narrator (meditator?? guru?? whatever you want to call the lady on the app) talked about slowing down. She talked about how the rushed pace of life often times has us literally rushing through the day; hurrying through tasks, through the grocery store, through dinner.

This is especially true working retail. I find myself constantly in a rushed haze, trying to accomplish ten things at a time. But always hurrying through can start to take a toll on your mind, no? When I feel myself rushing, I've been actively working to physically slow down; my movements, my thoughts, everything.

It's a work in progress, (as are most things in life) but I believe making a conscious effort is always the first step. 

SLOW DOWN a little bit. It's okay if not everything gets accomplished or you have an off day. SLOW DOWN. Life is meant to be fully lived, not just spectated & just another thing to check off the list.

I'm constantly reminding myself to be present, as should we all. So, consider this your little reminder, from me.


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