Friday, August 25, 2017

Business casual might the hardest of the dress codes to get down, because there isn't one set definition. SO it's both fortunate & UNfortuante that it's becoming more & more common in the workplace.

What do we know about it? It's not casual casual. You shouldn't come walking in rocking Nikes or shorts. Skirts that hit a tad above the knee are good; any shorter & you're risking business casual judgement.

As for the rest of what we know, it's a little... hazy.

Luckily, I've put together what I've come to know as business casual, as it's my job of nearly three years' dress. Granted, it's retail, so the code can get a little lax at times. But these are the basics:

As I've said many times, a blazer can totally change up a look. They are a business casual must have because you can throw them on over anything and it becomes instant work appropriate. Fitted & simple is the best way to go on this one!
Flats are the perfect office-to-weekend shoe because of the versatility. There are literally hundreds of different styles, patterns, & comfort levels to choose from. When worn with leggings or a wide leg pant, they look extra special.
Dark jeans
Depending on your company, you might be allowed jean Fridays, or dress code might even include nice, dark jeans. (no holes or appliques!) Dark washes are my favorite because they look a bit more dressed up than the usual jean, & can be worn with graphic tees, blouses, etc
Leggings (not worn as pants)
Under normal circumstances I am ALL ABOUT leggings as pants, but when it comes to business causal dress, make sure your top is tunic length & blouse-y. YOGA PANTS DO NOT COUNT! Make sure the leggings look nice enough to wear underneath a cute top.
Wide leg, culotte, straight leg, patterned, solid, black, pastel, the possibilities are ENDLESS & there's really no question of whether it's dress code appropriate!
Obviously this is just scratching the surface, & there are so many contradicting articles and opinions that it can make your head spin if you're not careful! When in doubt, ASK.

Does the business casual code totally confuse you or are you ON IT? Let's chat.


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