Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hey, ya babes!

It's the end of August, can you BELIEVE? It's time for another bits & baubles, this time on what I listened to, watched, and did.

There's A LOT going on right now, in the world & in life. I haven't really spoken about Houston, if only because I feel so helpless not knowing what to do. It's so strange, being in the same state that a natural disaster caused so much devastation in. Luckily, the Red Cross is still taking donations & any little bit helps. My heart always breaks for the pets in these situations & Miranda Lambert's rescue, MuttNation, is doing a lovely thing: they've made an amazon wishlist of supplies needed. More info is here.

Now on to something a bit more cheery: CLOTHES. I've decided to re-start up my poshmark again & really start dedicating some time to it. It's actually really fun styling the flatlays! If you wanna check out what's new, head to @kaeleenmichelle.

As I talked about in this post, I've been obsessed with the bold type. It's so feminist & modern & genuinely funny, plus the main girls are all AMAZING. The mid-season is nearly over, but you can catch up here!

As for music, let's talk about taylor. Y'all know I'm biased & she could literally sing a chinese take out menu & I'd be happy. But WOW. First, if you haven't heard the new song OR WATCHED THE VIDEO, do it now. When the song first came out I honestly didn't know what to think. I wanted to like it but it was so... different. But that's the whole point. & the amount of symbolism in the video! I just love art, & she's definitely an artist. Will you be getting her new album?

ALSO aly & aj are BACK & their single is so '80s inspired and I'm in love. 

Annnnd after writing this I've realized we've actually covered four topics... oh well. Twisted clickbait?

Tell me all about your month!


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