Monday, July 17, 2017

I started bullet journaling back in May, and I've kind of found a groove of what I like & use it for. My brain is always SO FULL & if I don't write things down, the chances I'll actually remember them are slim to none, which is why when I first heard about the bullet journaling way I was instantly intrigued.

Let's start with the basics: What is bullet journaling?

Bullet journaling is a system created by Ryder Carroll as a simple notetaking/ journaling system designed for the individual. You essentially create the journal, tailoring it to your specific needs.

Kinda cool, right?

All you'll need is a basic moleskine journal with either bulleted or plain paper (I got mine from target) to get going. 

I put my own little twist on the method, using a lot of the original system but making it my own.

Perhaps the most important part of any BJ (what a sentence) is the daily or weekly calendar. I personally prefer weeklys, because I can see my week layed out & I know exactly what's coming, and can see if anything needs to be changed or added. This is also where you'll put any reminders or to-dos. I also have a space for daily gratitude, as I like to keep track of little things.

each month I have a page for blog posts, yoga tracking, & a monthly budget. Depending on what's going on I might add more, but those are the regulars.

That's where it gets fun; you might not need a page for blog posts. Instead, you might need a page for meal planning, (I need to get on that train) mood tracking... whatever you fancy!

That's the thing I love about this system; you curate it for you. & after two full months of using it, I can honestly say it keeps me organized & up to date. 

Filling it in starts to become second nature & it will become a daily part of your life.

What do you think about bullet journaling? 


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