Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The middle of summer is the hottest it is all year (I just made that stat up but it sure as heck feels right) & hair needs to be tamed.
There's nothing worse than feeling like you've got on a wool scarf of hair, no?
These are my go-to easy, effortless styles that work on any length & most textures!:
The Milkmaid:
When my hair was long I would do this updo ALL THE TIME. It was my 'fancy look,' even though it takes all of five minutes. It takes some getting used to on short hair, but can still be done if your hair is at least throat length. (that's a new one, but you get what I mean, right? basically my length)
The basics are the same at any length: braid each side of your hair however you desire (I like a good fishtail) & secure with an elastic. Puff the plait out a bit, then pull each braid upwards onto the crown of the head. Then, BOBBY PIN YOUR LIFE AWAY.
The Ariana Grande:
The half pony is IN & ever since I went short, it's been THE go-to for me. It's simple yet put together and can be in five seconds flat. A chic variation on a regular pony, & can even be switched into a half bun if you're in the mood!
The Twist & Pin:
Another 'kinda fancy but kinda casual I just threw my hair up' look that I love: gathering the fronts of the hair & twisting it, then pinning it. Do the same on the bottom half & you're good as gold. Gets the hair out of the way and is super cute, plus takes two seconds. (ok, maybe twenty)
There ya have it! Three easy peasy styles for ya.
What are your go-to summer looks?

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