Monday, July 31, 2017

Oh hey, hi babes! August is looming down on us & although it's still approximately 5000 degrees in the south, I'm already eyeing autumnal themed candles & big sweaters.


I was poking through The Anna Edit & was inspired by her roundup of personal highlights at the end of each month. This won't be exactly that, but I thought it'd be fun to chat with you about things that happened, I bought, watched, etc.

So, first things first, I guess I should address the little facelift going on here. It's been a hot minute since I updated the design & thought it was time. The design is from Hello Manhattan and I absolutely adore the simplicity! If you have a look at the sidebar you'll see I've added a food category.. I'm not turning into a food blog by any means, but I have been getting bit by the baking bug & want to start sharing more goodies.

Which brings me to... BAKING. I've been baking. Actual things. It may not seem like much, but for me it's an accomplishment, HA. I even bought the e-book version of Chrissy Teigen's cookbook (mostly because I wish I was her) and I'm SO READY. What are your recipe go-tos? I'm looking for any recs!

As for netflix, something you should know about me is I'm super into documentaries, (especially true crime) and I've been watching The Keepers, about the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik & the general shadiness of the Catholic church. It's extremely interesting- albeit disturbing- and I fully believe she was killed because she knew too much.

What are your three things?


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