Monday, July 3, 2017

I first heard about the ice roller from lauryn, & was instantly curious, & with a list of benefits like anti-inflammation, swelling, & cooling & tightening the face, who wouldn't be interested?

I gave in awhile back, ordered one from amazon, and tested it out for about a month or so for y'all. I've incorporated it into my morning routine, the first thing done even before washing my face.

First, rolling ice all over your face first thing in the AM is the BEST wake up call I never knew I needed. Kinda tingly, kinda fresh, your skin wakes up & feels great.

My face doesn't get puffy a whole lot (except for hormonal) but I feel this is a good preventive in case my skin decides to go rouge. Once I use the roller everything seems a bit... smoother somehow. It also does wonders for headaches.

I was actually out of town over the weekend & didn't bring my roller. and there is definitely a difference in just the two days I went off my routine. My face got used to the cool & my under eye circles have rebelled.

Maybe it's a placebo affect or maybe it really works, who knows. All I know is I don't remember what life was before ice rolling. 

Have you ever tried ice rolling? Tell me about it!


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