Friday, June 9, 2017

A while back I wrote a post on the products I use most for a dewy, simplified look. Since then, I've been wearing less makeup most days & lemme tell you, IT IS FREEING.

Back in my angsty teen days I think I hid behind makeup, then as I got older & learned to love myself I stopped hiding behind it & just genuinely had an interest in it. While I still love a good ulta browse & testing out products for y'all, the past few months I've just been less interested in full on looks. I've found some oil + concealer, a dab of shadow (sometimes), mascara, brow gel, & highlight to do the trick for me. (& of course lipstick, always) I know when I write it out it still seems like a quite a bit, but TRUST ME, for me, it's not.

It takes me a fraction of the time it used to take to do my makeup in the mornings, & I feel like at this point in time a more natural, dewy look fits me better. Obviously for certain occasions I still go all out, but for every day this is what it is now & it feels very... light. Free.

Sometimes I do still have to fight nagging self esteem issues, not so much stemming from negative self image but the fact that people think I'm fourteen with a FULL FACE on, so wearing less makeup can be jarring at times.(especially when randos think it's necessary to tell me how old they thought I am. Trust me, you're not the first. thanks) But I'm learning to embrace it & have a less is more attitude.

That's obviously only the attitude for myself; if you're still out there taking an hour to do your makeup every day MORE POWER TO YA. You are amazing. I think that's what's so great about beauty & fashion- everyone has their own interpretation and can freely experiment however they feel. Kinda cool, yes?

As long as you're doing it all for yourself & not to please others, experiment away! Don't wear any makeup or wear all of it! over & out.

CHAT TIME: what's your daily makeup routine look like? Have you ever simplified? 


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