Wednesday, June 28, 2017

If you're an OG WDAC reader, you'll remember my old PLL recaps every week that I eventually stopped because the show got so bad I didn't know why I still watched & had no motivation to write about it.


But, since last night was the LAST EVER episode, I thought I'd sit down & have an old-school chat about it. Because, let's face it, it's been in my life for seven years, no matter how bad it got, no matter how much it was basically that ex that told you over & over they've changed so you believe them & every time it's no different. 

So, thoughts: (PS if you haven't watched yet DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER)

The final episode, 'Til Death Do Us PArt,' was two hours long, the pace more like a movie, to tie up seven years worth of plot holes loose ends, that didn't all get tied up in my opinion BUT. 

It's all one year in the future, so I guess AD stopped messing with them for that year & then started again? All that time mona was still playing the game, trying to figure out who AD was. Meanwhile, spencer was acting V weird, which brings us to the twin theory, that I was on board with. There were certain times spencer didn't seem like herself, like all those times she blatantly seduced toby. 

TURNS OUT I actually got a theory right: spencer had a twin she never knew about. (& apparently her dad didn't either)

Alex Drake. A.D. HEY OH. Apparently she wanted vengeance for CC's death, as they were sisters. BUT something that doesn't make sense.. why would she let mona join the team if she wanted vengeance & she knew mona killed her? A question unanswered. So, anyway, alex had been manipulating the girls, even pretending to be spencer sometimes. (& the girls & toby didn't notice?? AT ALL??)

It wasn't the best reveal, but it wasn't horrible, but I do wish melissa had something to do with it. Like, she was always SO sketch. & that thing about the NAT club in the earlier seasons? What happened with that?

ALSO, was bethany young really irrelevant this whole time? We spend like an entire season trying to figure out who killed her & then she doesn't even matter. MAKES SENSE. 

All in all, the girls got their happy endings & mona is out there doing her thing, holding mary & alex captive & LIVING HER BEST LIFE.

Also, can we take a moment for troian bellisario? THAT TALENT.

Okay, let's chat. What did you think about it? Are you sad to let it go?


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