Friday, June 2, 2017

Over the years I've gotten to be sort of a rebel when it comes to supposed fashion 'rules.' In my opinion, the only rule to fashion should be that you love what you're wearing, but some people still feel strongly about the rules.
Here's how to get away with breaking them. 
No White After Labor Day
I feel like this one died out about ten years for most of us, but some people still live by it to a t. How to get away with it: break up colors. If you're uncomfortable with a whole lotta white, just focus on one point & build around that. White jeans with a black top, white dress with colorful shoes... make it work for you.
Mixing Prints
I used to shy away from any form of pattern mixing, but now I know it's all in the way you wear it. Pick two prints that compliment each other, like classic stripes and plaid. If you choose to go bold with something like leopard, let the other print be more simple.
Dressing For Your Body
I am all for learning what shapes, patterns, etc best compliment your body type, but a lot of the 'rules' for what you should & shouldn't wear are kinda crap, in my opinion. If you wanna wear a crop top, wear a crop top! The balance between wearing what you want & what looks good on you is learning how to best compliment your features, & running from there. You do you!
What about you? Do you follow the fashion rules or do your own thing?
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