Skincare Notes.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Starting in your 20s, skincare is an imperative part of self care, & it's important to establish a bit of a routine, or at least have favorite products on hand to reach for. Over the past couple years I've gotten a little groove going & have figured out what typically works for my combination skin:

// toner
A good toner is beneficial for soothing & repairing the skin, removing all traces of makeup in the process. & it's super refreshing! Spritz some on after nighttime cleansing for a wind down, or in the morning for a little refresher. 

// eye cream
It's never too early to start paying attention to your eye area, as it's one of the main areas that begin to age. A dab of cream at night helps to minimize puffiness & protect the under eye area. (on the under eye note, I've also just ordered an ice roller to add to my routine-- will update!)

// weekly mask
A weekly pamper is SO HELPFUL for your mental health & overall sanity. & so is a weekly face mask, in my opinion. Filled with antioxidants, it's an anti-aging weapon in liquid (or sheet) form. Add a rose mask for anti-inflammatory benefits as well. Any mask option is a gentle, refreshing skin treat.

// moisturizer
Perhaps the most important, a moisturizer with an SPF is a wrinkle & skin cancer fighter, plus it keeps the skin hydrated & ready to go. It's not news that moisturizing is imperative for healthy skin, but it's easy to forget or skip & say 'mmmm I'll do it next time'. DON'T SKIP IT! 

// oil
Facial oil is like icing on a cake; a perfect makeup primer, dry skin hydrator, and toxin fighter, oils provide a lock in of protection. I like to dab some under my eyes & on my cheeks after cleansing & toning at night.  

What are your skincare must haves?


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