Friday, May 19, 2017

When each new season hits, it's tempting to buy ALL THE CLOTHES. But it's more efficient (& easier on the bank account) to only add what you really need for the upcoming season. 

1// Take inventory
Be a shopper in your own closet. See what pieces you already have, getting rid of anything that doesn't fit right, you haven't worn since 2015, or you're just not feeling anymore. 

2// Make of a list of what you need.
After you have a visual of pieces you might be missing, make a checklist of it all, starting with high priority going down to low. I list the stores I'll be looking for each item at as well, so I'm not all over the place.

3// Online first.
Once everything is listed, take an online shop inventory & see if any of the items you need are available online. (they most likely will be) Sometimes their online prices are less expensive! Of course unless it's somewhere like asos, in which case online is your only option..... 
THEN once you've done virtual, it's time for the stores. 

Ready, set, SHOP!!


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