Dating & The Twentysomething.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A popular conversation topic between my friends & me is the disastrous state of dating. I'm a big believer in defending my generation, but dating is one thing we've gotten painfully wrong. Between the apps, the whole 'talking' thing, (DOES ANYONE EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS?) casual dating.... it's all just so, blase.

Whatever happened to the real stuff? & why have we become so obsessed with dating or being in a relationship? Obviously there are times when I long for it, & then there's the times when I momentarily freak out, just knowing I'll be alone forever. Since when did we become that? Society has made us feel like there's something wrong with singleness, like we're missing a part of us, even if we have a fulfilling career, friends, etc etc... it's always "are you dating?" or "I know the PERFECT guy for you!"

To which you smile & shake your head, but in your mind you're thinking 'uh, I WOULD be dating if it weren't for the fact that the guys with a shred of decency instead of 'wyd' texts have hidden away in some far away land.'

Maybe it's you. Maybe it's them. The only thing for certain is that somewhere along the way, we screwed up. We let society tell us that we MUST BE DATING so do anything for it. Settle if you have to. Conform. & now we're left with a generation of people wondering 'what's wrong with me' & thinking they're less than.

We need to do better.

Growing up I thought dating would just fall into my lap. I'd befriend someone & we'd fall in love cory & topanga style, the rest being history.

If only.


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