Friday, April 14, 2017

I'm a nosy gal, I like to see what other people have going on in their wardrobes & their bags, so I've decided to do a classic 'what's in my bag post'. (JK I really just wanted to show off my new bag)

Anyway, first let's talk about the bag a bit. As you know from this post, I'd been eyeing a blush colored crossbody & finally ordered this quilted one from f21. Couldn't it be a little Chanel dupe? I like the size pretty good; for me I need something that isn't too big on my petite frame but still holds all the essentials. 

(see the segue there?) 

What's in the bag:

Eye Essentials
Sunglasses are a must, yes? I like to keep a pair in my car & another in my bag, you know, for good measure. (not because I break them easily, no way) I also keep a thing of Refresh eye drops because between allergies & every day contact irritation, my eyes are always dry & these drops help A LOT. (not sponsored, just obsessed)

Looking from the outside in, this category is probably what most of my stuff is. oops? & before you ask, why yes, keeping three lipsticks in slightly different shades in at the same time are extremely important. My hands + lips are like the Sahara most times, so keeping eos & hand creme on hand are essential, as well as sanitizer because GERMS. I like keeping a perfume rollerball with me in case I need a touch up or *gasp* forget to put on perfume...... One last beauty essential is oil absorbing sheets because my t-zone tends to go crazy. 

Everything Else
My wallet, duh. (that's currently getting fat with receipts... yikes) I MUST ALWAYS have some sort of gum on hand. I chew a lot of gum. I'm currently obsessed with juicy fruit's starburst line. YUM. I like to keep earphones with me in case I decide to turn on netflix or music in public, (it happens to the best of us) I won't be bothering people. (I currently have apple's special iphone 7 earphones, but I also really like these ones for my laptop.)

TELL ME: What bag are you currently carrying, & what's in it?


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