Monday, April 10, 2017

I can't stress enough the importance of mindfulness & taking time to be still & present. Obviously it's not an anxiety cure-all (if only that existed) but it does help tremendously. The more aware of mindfulness I am, the more aware of myself I am. The way I nourish my body, nourish my relationships, the way I treat life.

Meditation Apps
If you've been around here for a bit, you know I'm big on meditation & its benefits. I'd say it's the first step to take in being more mindful. Meditation allows you to ground yourself & focus on the present. Calm is my favorite app for this!  

Not necessarily self help books, but ones that are actually helpful. My sister just sent me this one and though I've only just dived in, it seems like a good read.

WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT CANDLES? Scents have a huge impact on our mood. It can literally create memories. That's probably partly why we love the smell of pumpkin so much; it reminds us of the holidays, home, & good food. Candles also set a tone for the setting and are almost essential for well being, as well as aromatherapy. I've just bought this essential oil diffuser & I'm LOVING it. 

I feel like mantras kinda get a bad rap for being cutesy sayings neatly hung on walls. While that can be true, setting a few mantras as intentions can actually be extremely helpful when it comes to mindfulness. It centers the mind & becomes an action. I have a couple mantras I repeat nearly daily, and I also look to pinterest to find new ones. 

These are just a few of the tools you can use to start setting mindfulness intentions. You'll start to see you know yourself & others better, are more centered and in tune with your body & with God (or your higher power)  and overall balanced! 


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