Friday, April 21, 2017

Rompers (or playsuits for you fancy UKers) have sort of become a spring/ summer staple, & for good reason. Besides the ungodly amount of time it takes to get situated in the bathroom, (say that sentence out of context) rompers are wearable & effortlessly chic.

But how to figure out how to wear them? I was wearing this romper out recently and my best friend made a comment about how they never seem to look good on her. I BEG TO DIFFER. Anyone can rock a romper. Here's what to look for:

Fits can vary from person to person, & with something like a romper you want to make sure that it fits right in the right places. (that may seem like a duh, but it's especially important as it's all one piece) Look for looser fits if you're uncomfortable with a certain area, & I always like to bend over to make sure the bottom isn't a drastically short fit from that angle.

Going along with fit, every romper cuts differently on different bodies. Look for cuts that hit just at your midline & don't hit weirdly on your chest. 

Certain patterns are bolder than others (like the one I've opted for) & you should make sure the pattern won't offset the fit. You know when someone walks into a room and all you see is PATTERN BAM? If that's happening when you look in the mirror, it's prooobably not a great idea. If you do opt for a bolder pattern, choose minimal accessories.

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