Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hey, hi! You know how when you get back from target with all the things you really didn't need & all you wanna do is show them to anyone who will listen? 

Well, I hope you're good listeners.....

First things first: Lipstick. I adore NYX's matte line & whipped caviar stood out to me for its neutral tones. I'm all about bright in the springtime, but sometimes I prefer a something a little more subtle. 

I hadn't added a nail polish to my collection in awhile, & the pretty lavender shade of essie's 'ciao effect' caught my eye. I could not find the link ANYWHERE, maybe because it's part of the resort collection which just launched, but look for it in store!

I'm a believer that you can never have too much stationery, even if it's not necessarily needed at the moment. You never know when you'll need it! This cute little planning & plotting notebook came from the dollar spot, & I couldn't find a link AGAIN, (get it together target) but I found a similar one that's just as cute.

Some new shoes were a must & I fell in love with these metallic sandals. (for all my regular size babes, here's some similar ones!)

The neck scarf (is that the official name for it??) trend has been on point & I finally decided on this chambray one to start off. Very chic. (the only question is, can I pull it off? Will report back)

Got anything at Target recently that I should go back for? 


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