Monday, March 27, 2017

I don't know about you, but for me some good makeup organization is kind of a must. There's nothing worse than wasting five minutes of precious morning time digging through all kindsa product for one thing, no?

I like having a place for everything & everything in its place, or else it's just chaos, which is why I thought I'd share a quick peek into my space, plus a few organization picks:

I like having some drawer space (similar- this one has a charging station, say whaaat) for all my eyeshadow palettes & powders. I added a small cosmetic bag (similar) for my brushes, (I like having them tucked safely away instead of out where dust can easily collect) & then another (similar) for my blushes, highlighters & bronzers. 

Then we have the clear organizer on top, (similar) for all the rest of things. (If you're an all in one kinda gal, here's a cool organizer with both drawers & compartments for under $30!) I literally have a space for everything- foundations, lipsticks, mascara.... it's so easy to reach for in the mornings!

As much I'd love a 'beauty room' like all those cool youtubers, let's be real- who has time for that? The little space I have lets me get ready easily & I can watch netflix at the same time. A girl's dream.

LET'S CHAT: Tell me how you store your makeup!


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