A Friday Face Mask.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm always ready & willing to try out new (or just new for me) products for myself & for y'all. I GUESS you could call it a blogging perk...

So I've heard about formula 10.0.6 for the longest time, and I've always wanted to try a face mask of theirs. So, during a recent target binge run I decided to pick up a travel size of their papaya & citrus to see what it was all about. 

It's a brightening mask made to restore brightness & resurface skin. So how did it hold up? The formula smooths nicely onto the skin, however it's not as easy of a peel off as you would expect. You're supposed to peel after 10-15 minutes & you'd think it'd be super quick & easy, right? Not so much, unless I'm somehow peeling wrong, LOL.

The difficult peel isn't a terrible issue for me, since it's easily rinse-able and the mask itself seems to do its job. Immediately after washing off, my face feels fresher & a bit brighter, like I've just had a massage? (I've never actually had a massage- GASP- so I'm just guessing here) I haven't noticed a whole lot on my pores, but let's be real, I'm never able to tell a lot about my pores anyway. Who knows if they're clogged? (that's probably bad. I should fix that) 

WDAC seal of approval: check!

Have you tried these face masks? What are you recommendations? I'm always looking for more!


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