Weekly Pamper Routine.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Having a proper pamper night at least once a week is essential for self-care & sanity. I've found that setting aside a specific time each week for some "me" time sets the tone of the rest of the week. This is why I like a Sunday night pamper, but any weekend night is cosy. 

For me, the first step of my night is always a perfect bubble bath, with this scrub my knight in shining armour. Once I've had my netflix & soak (HA) I'll go in with a face mask. I'm always terrified of drying or breaking out my skin, so I only use a mask once a week. I've got a tiny version of this rose mask & my skin always feels super soft & hydrated afterwards. 

Bath & Body Work's aromatherapy stress relief oil is a necessity, not only because my stress is at code red at any given time, but the eucalyptus spearmint is also great for awareness & time stops for like, just a SECOND when you're putting this stuff on. 

After a body oil it's always good to lock it in with some body butter. I usually use this lavender or soap & glory one to freshen up. 

Once my skin is ready for bed, I'll finish off my tea and whatever episode I'm on, & crawl into bed. Sometimes I'll find another show to watch, but I've been trying to combat netflix with reading because finishing off the night with a good book (i'm currently reading lauren graham's!) is kind of heaven, right? 

SO, there ya have it. Use this guide to add to your next pamper night & I promise you won't be sorry....


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