Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Let's talk about change.

Sometimes it's cool, (like when it comes to my hair...) sometimes I hate it; I think that's a universal thing. It's a necessary evil. 

Why is it so hard to embrace it during the 'hate it' moments? We're creatures of habit so I guess it's inevitable for us to reject anything that throws us off our normal path.  

Recently I've felt myself become more open to change & let myself get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes we have to get uncomfortable to be comfortable & I love the idea of challenging yourself to new experiences & ideas. Embrace it!

Something else I'm embracing: the shirt dress. I recently ordered this off the shoulder forever 21 number & I adore the tie detailing on the sleeve and button down look. 

CAN YOU TELL I'm ready for spring?

OK, talk to me about change. Do you dig it or run from it? 


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