Three Years of WDAC

Friday, January 6, 2017

{Stars Hollow poster, planner, bedding. dog not for sale}

January 5, 2014, the day that With Dignity + Coffee was born. Technically I had rebooted the blog the September before, but it wasn't until January that I found the current name & really found a rhythm of what I wanted the blog to be. 

Inspiration. Style, dignified. A way of life. 

That's the core of it all. Everything I put up on this space inspires me in some way & I want it in turn to inspire you. To take action, to go shopping, to listen to a really dope band. Whatever it may be that inspires us, this little community is our spark. 

Looking back, I feel I've come a long way from that day in my grandmother's house in too-hot-for-January Florida. Maybe I'm not Julia Engel, (no matter how hard I want to be, darn you woman) but I feel like I've found my place in the blogosphere. (is that what we're still calling it?) I've written posts I'm really proud of, ones I could've left alone, & greatly improved my photography skills. WOO. 

For the first time in awhile I'm 100% sure of the direction of this blog & how I want to inspire you. Because you inspire me. 

So here's to three more years of staged instagram photos, "can you take this photo of me posing thoughtfully at the ground?" & buying needless things at Target because I'm a blogger, danggit. 

But for real. I love blogging. HAPPY THIRD, WDAC!


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