The Benefits of Yoga

Monday, January 30, 2017

My journey with yoga first began when I was sixteen, when my already badass yogi of a sister gave me a mat & a dvd for my birthday. It's been a challenging journey, & there have been times when I've sort of abandoned the practice, only to run back open-armed every time. 

Kinda like when I try to quit Target. 

I could tell you how yoga has improved my life, & maybe I'll delve more into that soon. But I'm sure what you really wanna hear about is how it can improve your life, because it does have that power. I'm focusing on four benefits, but there are so many reasons to hop on the mat!

I'll be the first to say the old 'have you tried yoga?' question in response to anxiety is.. frustrating to say the least, but decreased anxiety is something yoga can really do. It can modulate stress response symptoms, in turn lessening the effects of anxiety & depression. 

Studies show that an improved immune system is another benefit. While some poses help more than others, any yoga is good because it's working the entire body, inside & out. Blood flow is brought to all organs for their best function.
Yoga can increase your flexibility by stretching out muscles & in turn increasing range of motion and flexibility. You can finally do the splits!

Perhaps one of the most important of all benefits, with regular practice yoga can greatly improve your self confidence and awareness. Your mind-body connection grows stronger & you'll begin to feel yourself improve in big and small ways. Sitting up straighter at your desk, walking lighter, thinking about your body in a more loving manner, letting yourself be. 

OKAY, so these are some of my favorite benefits that I've seen from regular yoga practice, but like I said there's even more. Research! Downward dog!

Do any of you do yoga? Tell me what you love about it. 


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