Monday, January 23, 2017

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One of the things I really wanted to start the year off with was simplifying. While it hasn't trickled to my wardrobe yet (I'm not sure how that one's gonna go, to be honest) after watching Anna's video I've started to look at my makeup collection & really focusing on the must-have products, and get rid of the rest. While I'm not building an actual capsule collection, I still wanted to simply & de-clutter. 

Here's a few tips I learned:

// Get in the zone
If you're not in total de-clutter mindset, the task can seem overwhelming & unappealing. So really get in the zone of "I'm going to get rid of at least ten items." (or however many your goal is)

// Go category by category
If you saw the bit of my cleaning session I put on snapchat, (kaemichelle) then you saw I started out with all my eyeshadows and then went on. Do all your lip products, then eyes, face, etc.  

// Pick your must-haves & build off them
I have my holy grail products in most categories, (should I do an updated post on that?) so it's easy for me to then build off of those. Like, I really only use one mascara, so as much as I like having a couple others on hand  in case I want to change it up, they're really not needed. Once you have that in mind the de-clutter should come super easy.  

// Take everything into consideration
Don't be frugal with this. If it's a product you haven't used in more than two months, toss it. If you've had it over a year, toss it. (especially shadows... there were a few hiding in my drawer that I'd had for... longer than I'd like to say) 

There's still more simplifying I'd like to do but I think I've got a good start- let me know if you wanna see a post on some of the products I've kept! 

What's your makeup collection look like? Give me your de-clutter tips!


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