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Monday, January 9, 2017

Oh hi, hey! If you've noticed I haven't done monthly favorites in awhile, & I think in the new year I'm gonna try something different: instead of monthlys, just periodically sharing my recent faves & inspirations. Sound good?


1// This comfy f21 sweater is still on rotation. Can I just like, wear it all the time? Not socially acceptable? Oh. Fiiiiine.

2// Still delving into Anna's book; still loving it. From the moment I read about her struggles as a baby-faced petite, I felt spiritually connected. I'm ready to be bff's, Anna. Call me?

3// TWO WORDS: Hand. Food. & my soap and glory obsession continues. This stuff is so good on your hands & quite hydrating, which is great because winter hands= yikes.

4// How many lipsticks does one girl need? The limit does not exist, okay? This matte elf lippie is $3, y'all. THREE. 

5// I've been on a Private Practice binge since Christmas, and I really only started for my girl Amelia Shepherd, but come to find out she doesn't even show up til season three! Whatever. It doesn't hold a candle to Grey's, but it's still pretty binge worthy. I loooove Charlotte! If you've seen it, who's your favorite? 

Tell me all your recent faves!


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