Sunday, January 1, 2017

"Why are you giving advice when you can't even stick to your own posting schedule?" You ask, appalled.

"At least I HAVE a posting schedule," I fire back.

And with that, let's get into the nitty gritty. It's a new year. People tend to want to change in the new year, grow, make things better in their life. & for bloggers, that obviously includes your blog, right? It's your baby, after all. Like any relationship, it needs to be nurtured and proper changes should be made. 

So, here are four ways you can boss up your blog in 2017:

1// Finding Your Tribe
If you haven't already, this should be your #1 main priority. Blogging can feel like a dog eat dog world sometimes, & we need people to connect and grow with. Once you find a tribe and find where you fit in the blog world, everything else will fall into place. Sounds cheesy, but true.

2// Transitioning To WordPress
This is a big one, and one that I'm in the process of deciding on. (If anyone has any tips, I'm all ears!) While blogger is great, WP's plugins are better, the site is more seamless, & you own your content. (google owns all of bloggers' which kind of sucks) 

3// Starting A Newsletter 
Newsletters provide a behind the scenes look at your blog or business and bring engaged readers back for more. You can tell a story, write an "editor's letter" style email, or just show what's going on. Here's an easy tutorial on getting things set up.

4// Upping Your Social Media Game
My social media philosophy is to find one or two main ones to grow and focus on those. For me, instagram is always the first choice, so I focus most of my attention on that platform. Find an algorithm that works for you and stick with it!

Blog Boss Babe
Helene in Between
But First, Coffee
Unsplash (For stock photos)

Tell me how you plan to boss up your blog game this year!


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