Love Actually Is All Around.

Friday, December 16, 2016

I lost my Love Actually virginity the other night. It was a cheeky cute comedy worth waiting for (aside from having to look at martin freeman's face- shudder)  I particularly love the opening scene, Hugh Grant's monologue about how at any given time at Heathrow airport's arrivals gate, love is all around, welcoming loved ones. 

"Love actually is all around."

I've been itching to feel the magic of Christmas again. Maybe the nostalgia of childhood isn't as good as the real thing, or maybe it's just once you know the truth about Santa it's all downhill. Who knows? But I know that when I look at the glow from the lights on my tree, when Christmas Queen Mariah comes in with that high note, when I sip my peppermint mocha while strolling through the festive Target dollar-spot, I feel it. The magic's back. Maybe grown-up Christmas magic isn't given from tiny elves but instead the hope of doing something good. That through all the bad in the world, there's still good. 

I'm a firm believer in love. Say what you will about the Beatles but I think they were right: it's all you need. & it actually is all around. 

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