Purgatory Week

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hi, hello! It's the middle of the week between Christmas & New Year's, purgatory week as I like to call it, & I have some thoughts. Don't worry, we'll get back to a quality post soon (ish) 

Why is this week so weird? I never really thought about it until Taylor started in & now I can't stop. It's like, Christmas is over but you still have NYE to wait on & it's just weird and surreal and you feel like you're stuck in the middle of one of those The Hills scenes where they just awkwardly stare at each other for two minutes. (cue a Hills binge in 3,2....) Anyway, who else is so ready to peace out this year? HOO BOY, what a doosey. 

It's strange the celebrity deaths that affect me & carrie fisher really had me. I think sometimes it's so shocking because a lot of times we think of celebrities as these invisible, kind of super humans when really they're just like us. (only prettier) Life is weird & short.

Has anyone else heard about salt lamps for anxiety? I'm considering one but don't want to invest until I'm fully convinced. They make it sound legit but is it?? Y'all know I'm willing to try anything.... 

aaand I don't really have a good way to end this post. Oooh, shameless self promotion! I've got some pretty little things up on my poshmark if you wanna have a look.


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Sunday, December 25, 2016

she loves me, I swear

Hi, hello! Just popping in to wish you a merry Christmas & happy everything. Thank you for being a part of my little corner of the world! 

I am forever grateful. 

Merry Christmas from Kae & Stevie!


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Friday, December 23, 2016

Aaaand Christmas weekend is a-go! Things are crazy at Santa's workshop, AKA WDAC HQ, but I wanted to drop in for another weekend reading edit.

1// Wanna grow your blog? Read this.

2// In which I cheesily quote Love Actually.
3// I need this top in like, every color.
4// Thanks for the x-mas sales heads up, Hannah! asos is calling me....
5// Slipper socks: my new obsession. 
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Monday, December 19, 2016

A MOTTO I LIVE BY: You can never have too much sparkle, especially when it comes to the holidays. Am I right? I'm so into a good solid choker paired with a sassy glitter graphic sweater

And GLITTER SKIRTS. Can we talk about them? What better way to make a statement? (even though we could all do without the tragically immense glitter/ sequin fallout, let's be real) The thing I love about this skirt is you can bring it right into NYE, or just a day out, because why not. 

Lemme know you fave way to rock sparkle this holiday!

sweater | francesca's
skirt | xhilaration (similar)
tights | merona
shoes | target (similar)
choker | f21 (similar)
mug | francesca's 


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Love Actually Is All Around.

Friday, December 16, 2016

I lost my Love Actually virginity the other night. It was a cheeky cute comedy worth waiting for (aside from having to look at martin freeman's face- shudder)  I particularly love the opening scene, Hugh Grant's monologue about how at any given time at Heathrow airport's arrivals gate, love is all around, welcoming loved ones. 

"Love actually is all around."

I've been itching to feel the magic of Christmas again. Maybe the nostalgia of childhood isn't as good as the real thing, or maybe it's just once you know the truth about Santa it's all downhill. Who knows? But I know that when I look at the glow from the lights on my tree, when Christmas Queen Mariah comes in with that high note, when I sip my peppermint mocha while strolling through the festive Target dollar-spot, I feel it. The magic's back. Maybe grown-up Christmas magic isn't given from tiny elves but instead the hope of doing something good. That through all the bad in the world, there's still good. 

I'm a firm believer in love. Say what you will about the Beatles but I think they were right: it's all you need. & it actually is all around. 

*Learn more about Aleppo & find out how you can help right here


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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's the LAST installment in WDAC gift guide, for LAST MINUTE gifts. Today is all about the blogger, because obviously. * insert hair flip emoji*

I am all about sassy mugs & all the notebooks- what about you? 

Remember to pin for reference, & you can access the previous guides right HERE.


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Friday, December 9, 2016

Gift Guide Coffee Lover

I may as well have just titled this "What I want for Christmas." There's a good chance someone in your life (besides you) is a little Lorelai Gilmore when it comes to coffee, yes?

& if the old Starbucks card is getting boring (although never unwanted), here's a few fresh ideas. How cute is that necklace?? 

Have a scroll through & don't forget to pin for reference!


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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Y'ALL. I have found a pair of jeans that fits even the most petite of the bunch. 

I have always had such a problem finding jeans that fit. They're usually either a perfect fit in the waist but so incredibly baggy & long or they're a great length but too big in the waist. Needless to say, I HATE JEAN SHOPPING. 

BUT. AE jeans were recommended to me & now I'm passing down the love. (not sponsored, just digging it) 

And, what's better than a big cosy sweater in the winter? Hard to say. The sweater is pretty great.

I'm not the only shorty that has the worst jeans luck, right? It's got to be like, a universal thing?

sweater | f21
jeans | ae
boots | stevies (similar found here)
choker | francesca's 


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Monday, December 5, 2016

Hey, hi! We're back with another installment of WDAC's gift guide... today it's all about the beauty lovers in your life. (yes, it can include yourself)

My number one pick is definitely Lorac's pro palette 3- the colors look so pigmented & pretty. 

Be sure to pin for reference & tell me what you'd add!


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Friday, December 2, 2016

HEY, HELLO! We're at 23 days from Christmas (I COULD CRY I'm so happy) so it's time to start getting serious on gift buying. 

Kinda totally stumped?

Don't worry. This year WDAC's bringing you a series of gift guides for all the gifting in your life: the coffee lover, the beauty lover, the blogger (cough cough) but first one in the rounds? 

FOR YOUR DOG. Helene sparked this idea in me & I couldn't get off of it. Our furry BFFs deserve only the best & the best is what I've rounded up:

Make sure to pin this for reference, & check back next week for the next installment. Happy shopping!


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