Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yesterday I voted in my second election. The feeling at the polls was a mixture of anxiousness & hope, hope for something good. Hope for good. Then, as results rolled in & the night wore on, the anxiousness was back.

But in the worst of ways. 

I've always considered myself an optimist. Not always for myself, but always for other people. I believe in the good of people. I always joke (only halfway serious) that it's hard to stay an optimist once you've worked retail. Now, I will say with 100% seriousness that it's hard to stay an optimist & believe in the good of people when half of your country genuinely seemed to believe that a racist, misogynistic, bully of a man with no political experience would be fit to run things. Trying to speak with grace is really really hard when all you want to do is scream. Yell. Cry. 

I was going to stay pretty silent today, & I have, for the most part. But then I thought, I'm not going to be silent these next four years. So why be it now? The only way we can get through this thing is together, so we will yell. We will fight. We will not be silent. We exist. (here's a good post from Taylor as well)


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