Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I love a good turtleneck. Something about it makes things sleek & chic, especially a sleek black t'neck. (yes, I just made that up. no, I won't ever use it again) 

To me, it's the perfect way to dress up your favorite pair of jeans a bit, tucked in on one side for some silhouette. 

Okay. I'm drinking from my Luke's mug so CAN WE TALK ABOUT GILMORE GIRLS FOR A SEC? EW came out with their review & now I'm currently obsessed with hunting down every new article I can find. I've tried to not get my hopes up for this & just let it happen, but who I would be then? Some of my biggest hopes so far:

1// Rory, Lane & Paris are a badass lady trio. I have a feeling I won't even have to get my hopes up too high for this.

2// Dean gets Regina George'd by a bus A good storyline with all of Rory's exes. I'm extremely biased to Jess but if they don't end up together again I'll be okay. I think. BUT I do genuinely want to see how Rory gets on with each of them now. 

3// It has the magic that makes Stars Hollow, Stars Hollow. I feel it y'all. This could be the saving the saving grace of 2016. Don't let me down. 

outfit details//
turtleneck | s.o.
jeans | mossimo 
necklace | lc lauren conrad
shoes | stevies (similar here)

TELL ME: What's your fave way to style a turtleneck? Will you be watching the GG revival? What hopes do YOU have?


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