Monday, November 7, 2016

I haven't done a goals post in a hot minute. Liiiiike, a VERY hot minute. SO I thought I'd start doing them again at least for a month or two to mix things up.

I feel like I write goals down every month, but I rarely actually accomplish many of them. Maybe if I put them concrete into the internet world I'll actually be productive?? I'll let ya know. 


// Work on maybe projects.Try not to call them maybe projects. 
// Don't be a silent blogger.


// Get back into photography. Instant photography, to be specific.
// Bake some. Maybe try a dish out to make on Thanksgiving? Just GET IN THE KITCHEN.
// Start a real, grown-up budget & stick to it. No more impulse Target trips.  


// Keep up mediation.
//  YOGA.
// Have more health goals. 

HEY OH. What about you? Make those goals!


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