Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hi, hello! Now that Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten, black Friday has been taken on & Gilmore Girls has been binged, it's time to talk. (WARNING, if you haven't watched, turn back now!!! I won't hate you!!! GO!! WATCH!!)

Okay. If you're still reading, here we go. How did things match up with my revival hopes? Well...

// Rory & Paris were still badass friends, as was Lane. But as usual, I feel Lane's character deserved better. We barely got to see her interact outside of the band & Zack & I think they could've done so much more with her. Paris is still everything. my soul sister, if you will.

// Dean did NOT get Regina George'd, but I actually didn't mind his two minute screentime. (maybe because it was only two minutes tops?) It's good to see he's got a family. Let's just hope there's no cheating-on-wife-with-ex happening again.
// Logan is still an asshole. When I said I genuinely wanted to see how Rory gets on with each of her exes I didn't know what I was in for. Was it not enough for her to lose her virginity to her married ex? Now she's hooking up with her ENGAGED ex? Obviously it's not only Rory I'm upset with, it takes two, people! 

// I did not cry when they mentioned Richard the first few times. I was incredibly sad but I thought I could get through it. & then... Lorelai's story about him at the mall happened. WHY??  


// Was there a point to April being there?

// JESS. Once again, he knew Rory better than anyone. Don't even get me started.

// I called the pregnancy from a mile away. I wasn't sure, but I had my suspicions even before anything aired. I still don't know how to feel about it. 

// Overall it had the Stars Hollow magic written all over it. Of course it wasn't perfect & there are a lot of questions to still be answered (like who sent that letter Emily accused Lorelai of? What even was that musical? WHAT PURPOSE DID APRIL SERVE? IS THE BABY ACTUALLY LOGAN'S?? (don't we get enough of this exhaust from PLL?) it was exactly what Gilmore Girls should be.

Witty, fast-paced, & home. 

YOUR TURN. Spill what you thought!! Do you think they should turn this into a regular show? (because we need to know what happens next. We just do. )


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