Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hi, hello! Now that Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten, black Friday has been taken on & Gilmore Girls has been binged, it's time to talk. (WARNING, if you haven't watched, turn back now!!! I won't hate you!!! GO!! WATCH!!)

Okay. If you're still reading, here we go. How did things match up with my revival hopes? Well...

// Rory & Paris were still badass friends, as was Lane. But as usual, I feel Lane's character deserved better. We barely got to see her interact outside of the band & Zack & I think they could've done so much more with her. Paris is still everything. my soul sister, if you will.

// Dean did NOT get Regina George'd, but I actually didn't mind his two minute screentime. (maybe because it was only two minutes tops?) It's good to see he's got a family. Let's just hope there's no cheating-on-wife-with-ex happening again.
// Logan is still an asshole. When I said I genuinely wanted to see how Rory gets on with each of her exes I didn't know what I was in for. Was it not enough for her to lose her virginity to her married ex? Now she's hooking up with her ENGAGED ex? Obviously it's not only Rory I'm upset with, it takes two, people! 

// I did not cry when they mentioned Richard the first few times. I was incredibly sad but I thought I could get through it. & then... Lorelai's story about him at the mall happened. WHY??  


// Was there a point to April being there?

// JESS. Once again, he knew Rory better than anyone. Don't even get me started.

// I called the pregnancy from a mile away. I wasn't sure, but I had my suspicions even before anything aired. I still don't know how to feel about it. 

// Overall it had the Stars Hollow magic written all over it. Of course it wasn't perfect & there are a lot of questions to still be answered (like who sent that letter Emily accused Lorelai of? What even was that musical? WHAT PURPOSE DID APRIL SERVE? IS THE BABY ACTUALLY LOGAN'S?? (don't we get enough of this exhaust from PLL?) it was exactly what Gilmore Girls should be.

Witty, fast-paced, & home. 

YOUR TURN. Spill what you thought!! Do you think they should turn this into a regular show? (because we need to know what happens next. We just do. )


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Monday, November 28, 2016

M Style


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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This week is a liiitle busy but I thought I'd drop an update of my music loves playlist. (newest adds from the bottom) 

A little Lady Gaga never hurt a fly. What music have you been into lately? Tell me!


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Friday, November 18, 2016

The other day I was doing my meditating when I had a moment of clarity. If there's one thing I struggle with the most it's the whole feeling good enough thing. It gets you & it's GNARLY.

Anyway, mediation. Moment of clarity. All of a sudden it hit me that I hold the key to making myself feel good enough. It's literally right there on the surface, waiting. The strength to feel enough & whole & to live well comes from YOU & God, or what higher power you may believe in. No one else can give you that strength. 

So find it.

You're worth it, babe.


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I love a good turtleneck. Something about it makes things sleek & chic, especially a sleek black t'neck. (yes, I just made that up. no, I won't ever use it again) 

To me, it's the perfect way to dress up your favorite pair of jeans a bit, tucked in on one side for some silhouette. 

Okay. I'm drinking from my Luke's mug so CAN WE TALK ABOUT GILMORE GIRLS FOR A SEC? EW came out with their review & now I'm currently obsessed with hunting down every new article I can find. I've tried to not get my hopes up for this & just let it happen, but who I would be then? Some of my biggest hopes so far:

1// Rory, Lane & Paris are a badass lady trio. I have a feeling I won't even have to get my hopes up too high for this.

2// Dean gets Regina George'd by a bus A good storyline with all of Rory's exes. I'm extremely biased to Jess but if they don't end up together again I'll be okay. I think. BUT I do genuinely want to see how Rory gets on with each of them now. 

3// It has the magic that makes Stars Hollow, Stars Hollow. I feel it y'all. This could be the saving the saving grace of 2016. Don't let me down. 

outfit details//
turtleneck | s.o.
jeans | mossimo 
necklace | lc lauren conrad
shoes | stevies (similar here)

TELL ME: What's your fave way to style a turtleneck? Will you be watching the GG revival? What hopes do YOU have?


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Monday, November 14, 2016


Oh hey, babes, happy Monday! With Thanksgiving a week & a half away, it's time to start thinking outfits. It's hard for me to wear anything other than leggings each year because to me they're my own, as Joey Tribbiani puts it, Thanksgiving pants. They give ya a little ROOM, ya know what I mean? BUT you can always get away with a pretty skirt & tights.

This year I'm digging the turtleneck vibes. Cosy, chic, & simple. Pair with a long necklace and voila!

Okay, I've told you my leggings hack, now what's your go-to Thanksgiving look? 


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Friday, November 11, 2016

{via unsplash}
Hey, babes! It's Friday & I thought it was time for another round of weekend reading, don't you? After this week I think we all could use some good things. 


1// Here's how to always look put together.

2// In honor of the GG revival being TWO WEEKS away, (everybody stay clam, it's just a normal day) eight things the Gilmores taught me has been resurrected from the WDAC archives. 

3// I won't be getting over Taylor's election post any time soon, it's that good. (& if you're bored, read the comments. It gets interesting)

4// 15 things you don't need but will definitely totally want. You're welcome. (that NOPE t-shirt, though)

5// Read how to be more compassionate here.

OKAY, got any links for me? Share 'em! Happy weekend.


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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yesterday I voted in my second election. The feeling at the polls was a mixture of anxiousness & hope, hope for something good. Hope for good. Then, as results rolled in & the night wore on, the anxiousness was back.

But in the worst of ways. 

I've always considered myself an optimist. Not always for myself, but always for other people. I believe in the good of people. I always joke (only halfway serious) that it's hard to stay an optimist once you've worked retail. Now, I will say with 100% seriousness that it's hard to stay an optimist & believe in the good of people when half of your country genuinely seemed to believe that a racist, misogynistic, bully of a man with no political experience would be fit to run things. Trying to speak with grace is really really hard when all you want to do is scream. Yell. Cry. 

I was going to stay pretty silent today, & I have, for the most part. But then I thought, I'm not going to be silent these next four years. So why be it now? The only way we can get through this thing is together, so we will yell. We will fight. We will not be silent. We exist. (here's a good post from Taylor as well)


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Monday, November 7, 2016

I haven't done a goals post in a hot minute. Liiiiike, a VERY hot minute. SO I thought I'd start doing them again at least for a month or two to mix things up.

I feel like I write goals down every month, but I rarely actually accomplish many of them. Maybe if I put them concrete into the internet world I'll actually be productive?? I'll let ya know. 


// Work on maybe projects.Try not to call them maybe projects. 
// Don't be a silent blogger.


// Get back into photography. Instant photography, to be specific.
// Bake some. Maybe try a dish out to make on Thanksgiving? Just GET IN THE KITCHEN.
// Start a real, grown-up budget & stick to it. No more impulse Target trips.  


// Keep up mediation.
//  YOGA.
// Have more health goals. 

HEY OH. What about you? Make those goals!


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Friday, November 4, 2016

I must confess, this is a variation of a look I saw Khloe where on KUWTK. (there was nothing else on, ok) Still, it's a wearable look that when paired with knee highs or tights can still be worn on colder days. 

Also, what is it about the simple marriage (did I just say that in a sentence? I've been watching too much Chopped) of a leopard accent & black choker? OBSESSED.

top | about a girl (similar here)
shorts | h&m
leopard cardi | merona
choker | f21 (similar here)
chain necklace | DIY'd
knee highs + boots (similar here) | target


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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hey babes! Today I've got a little reader survey for ya..... I'm not sure why I haven't done one in the past, but better late than never, right? 

As we go into the next year I want to make sure WDAC is all it can be, & who better to help me do that than YOU??

You can take the survey right here. I really appreciate it!


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