Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A blogger I follow was given the opportunity to attend the Taylor Swift concert in Austin this weekend through a sponsorship. My initial reaction was somewhere in the middle of 'OMG THAT'S AMAZING HOW WONDERFUL FOR YOU' & 'WOOOOW I HATE EVERYTHING.' & then I had to check myself because blogger envy, even momentary, is just not cute. 

If I've learned anything in my two & a half-ish years here, it's that comparing yourself to other bloggers will only make you miserable & it will come out in your writing.

SO, these are the three signs you should look for, & what to do to stop them:

1// You're full on obsessed with everything a blogger does.
Having blogs you admire is a great thing. We need those to stay inspired & help push us to be our best selves. But it's when the admiration becomes borderline stalker that's dangerous. Becoming so absorbed in what other bloggers are doing hinders your own growth, & copying their moves is too tempting.

Instead, focus on your unique strengths. What makes your blog different? Work off of that and readers (& brands) will take notice. 

2// You're too focused on the numbers.
If you read any article on what makes a blog "successful," it touches on how important the numbers are, & it's caused me to fall into the numbers trap one too many times. I don't think it always matters how many social media followers or monthly visitors you have. What matters is the content. 

So, work on growing your social media if you want to. That's a great goal to have, but remember that content is still king. If necessary, give yourself a bit of a social media break for a hot minute. 

3// You spend more time comparing your blog to others than actually blogging.
This kind of ties back into #1. It's no secret that no good comes of comparison no matter how easy it is to do the comparing. You know that really cheesy quote that goes something like 'you can't compare your beginning to someone else's middle'? It's actually kind of true. Even if you aren't a "beginner" blogger, you can't really compare where you're at to where everyone else is at. No one's pace is exactly the same. 

Instead of comparing, take inspiration from the blogs you love (but don't pull a #1...) & realize that you won't be exactly the same as they are. It's okay. If everyone was a carbon copy, life would be vastly boring anyway. 

Have you ever had blogger envy? How did you stop it?


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